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From the creators of TinyPaste, we now have TinyChat, a service that allows us to create our temporary chat rooms in a matter of seconds. In the process of creating our room, we are provided with a TinyChat URL, which will be the one we have to enter to enter our chat room, although apparently, we can also invent our URL in TinyChat.

Once inside our room, we can choose to enter our nickname or identify ourselves with our Twitter access data. Then we can already interact with the rest of the members that may be connected in the same room, which is easy to use and has very few options.

The only options will be found in the same bar of the application where the URL of the room is, where we can change the nickname, save the log of the conversations, and even enter the code on websites. When saving the log, it allows us to save it to our local disk as plain text, send it via email, save it as TinyPaste or save it on Twitter.

If on any occasion we need a temporary chat room that is easy and simple to use, we already know who we can turn to, especially if we want to have conversations with our friends with sentences longer than the 140 characters that Twitter allows us.

TinyChat private chat room

On this site, you will find several options such as promoting a room, people near you, and the most gifted. There is another tab labeled ‘Instant Room’ at the top of the main page. This tab encourages users to create their private chat rooms. Users must enter a random ‘Room Name’ or enter a secret ‘code’. After that, users need to hit the ‘Create Room’ tab. Once this is done, a private chat room is created.

Now, when a user connects through TinyChat and likes a stranger whom he has talked to, he can share the link or code of this private chat room with him in case he wants to have a one-on-one, personal video call session and anonymous with that stranger. For the chat to start, the user must join the link.

Other than that, TinyChat lists all of its top online chat rooms in a separate tab. Users who want to join them can do so by simply clicking the button next to their names.