Stickam Video Chat

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Set up in 2005, Stickam was a live streaming video website that consisted of videos, audio, and pictures submitted by users themselves. Live streaming video chat was supported by this website, which featured social profile features and embedding for web pages. The company was based in the greater Los Angeles area in the Western United States.


When it was launched, it was described as the biggest webcam community – consisting of video chat rooms and live streaming facilities. It was possible to set up a live broadcast and find new friends through the platform. 

Very quickly, the website expanded to include content produced by big networks like MTV and CBSE radio live shows and live performances from many celebrities and musicians. The website was closed in early 2013. While talking to people from other parts of the globe, a high-quality video chat facility could be used. People could get more familiar with one another and discover new friends from different countries. 

What made Stickam so successful?

This was a social networking website that focused on streaming videos live. It featured various social profile features and embedding options for blogs, company websites, online options, and web pages. As a live streaming provider, it had a good infrastructure and offered a very satisfying experience to users out there worldwide.

The website had video chat options, a live streaming video chatting facility, and group chat rooms. In the group chat rooms, everyone could stream live at once although only as many as 12 users could be seen simultaneously at any time. There was a video chat facility to interact with friends and strangers directly and face-to-face. One could interact with users and share thoughts with them. 

What is the Status of Stickam Now?

Stickam is now a defunct service and has closed down. There is no information about when this service will start or whether it would start at all. There are many legal problems and ownership interest issues involved, which means that the service might not see the light of the day again. 

Now and then, information about the owners and the service itself trickles out into the media platforms although not all of these can be relied on. 

It remains to be seen whether the problems that engulf this particular service (that had been so successful at a point in time) get resolved and fans can see the service being restored once again.