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Full 2022 Meetskip Review & Rating

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About Meetskip

Find out more about Meetskip and its features, users, pros & cons. Our team has compiled a Meetskip review below that will help you determine if it’s a good chat website for you!

A random chat site, MeetSkip was established in the year 2016 to offer a perfect platform to people who would like to find friends and potential romantic partners in strangers. It was intended to be safer than other websites and apps existing out there.


Some of the biggest advantages of the MeetSkip application are cross-platform functionality, cleaner and more attractive design, and the capacity to share images at the time of having conversations.

There are excellent bright chat rooms here which make it a joy to talk to strangers. When you feel that it is time to go ahead and take your relationship with random persons to the next level, you can share your pictures with them and exchange images.

You can share photos and images at your leisure with this application. This is a feature that is lacking in even powerful dating websites and applications of a similar nature, such as Omegle. Even when this feature is available on some of the sites, it does not work properly. In the case of MeetSkip, however, this feature works in a seamless fashion.

There are also built-in emoticons in this service. Emoticons can generally be inserted only in case you use a mobile device that has them available readily. Even when these are installed, these do not get displayed properly to a recipient who has a device of a different type. These problems can be sorted out with the built-in emoji list of MeetSkip.

Many people also feel some kind of fatigue with live video chat and would prefer not to show themselves constantly on camera. With MeetSkip, there is an ideal solution – given that users can show their real appearance if they want, and not do so if they do not feel comfortable.


A random text-based chat is offered in this app although video is also included. But it is not a very big problem today, because many people are actually tired of chatting live in video-based format because of at least some users being inappropriate to talk to. There is the inhibition of having to continuously show yourself to random strangers in their lives.


This app was developed as a more perfect application that can fill up the gaps left by other dating apps out there from competitor websites and companies. Various elements that need improvement in competitive websites and applications have been bettered here. If you want to chat and date, MeetSkip can be worth trying!

Meetskip Features

Meetskip comes with some of the best core chat features available!

Chat Rooms

Meetskip has multiple chat rooms available. Its servers operate properly and there is no noticeable lag in the connection.

Text Chat

Meetskip has an easy to use text chat system that can be used in public chat rooms or private messaging.


In order to keep Meetskip users safe, they moderate for any inappropriate, racist or offensive gestures and/or texts.


One of the great advantages of Meetskip, is that you don’t need to register and can use it free of charge, anonymously.

Meetskip Reviews

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Meetskip FAQ

We come across frequently asked questions all the time. So to save yourself the effort, we’ve listed them below and made it easy for your to read more about our top chat sites.

Click on the Meetskip homepage to start chatting. You can also become a VIP member.

Meetskip chat will display a list of all users online. Click on the name of the person you wish to chat with, and the chat box will open. You can then type a message into it and click the “send button” to send it.

Before you do anything in Meetskip, it is important that you read the safety tips page. Meetskip Development Team and Administration are able to block IPs and countries with bad reputations.

There are many people who want to make new friends, meet new people, or find a special person.