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Full 2022 Echat Review & Rating

We review all the top chat sites available on desktop & mobile. Our team uses them and writes a professional & honest review so that you, as a user, know exactly which chat sites to try out, and which to avoid!

About Echat

Find out more about Echat and its features, users, pros & cons. Our team has compiled a Echat review below that will help you determine if it’s a good chat website for you!

Echat is a cross-platform messaging app that is free of cost and consists of a wide variety of features that can make communication easier for you. There is a free, real-time chat option with a minimalistic design. You can send messages to various members. If you are looking for some glorious chat room experiences, this is the website that you need to give a try.


You can easily find out when a number of users are online.

There are some of the best chat rooms that can let you have a private conversation, and talk to people from around the globe.

It is possible to talk about different subjects, such as family, video games, sports activities, work and much more.

Dating and relationship websites are extremely popular among people across the globe, and the live chat feature lets you interact together with others in just a matter of a few seconds. The connection happens very quickly.


It is important to stay anonymous while trying to chat with others and this chat website makes this possible for you.

You can also use this private chat service on your smartphone, although you have to be content with chatting on a smaller-sized screen.

Chats can be private and seamless. You can log on in only a few seconds and begin chatting with anyone you like in a live chat room. You can easily communicate with strangers and find members around the world with this site. There are plenty of chat rooms that you can choose from.

With a very simple design, this website lets you have text-based chat as well as online video chat with emoticons, graphics, etc.

The registration process is quite easy, and you can use it absolutely free of cost. This is amongst the easiest free chat room sites on the internet.


You can just hang around in a chat room but there are some bad apples, and this is now a widely known factor all through.


This is a simple website where you can easily communicate on different topics with strangers. It is possible to have better points of view about various topics when you have a conversation. With as many users as you want, you can have free chats with messages, calls, and videos. It has the potential to can turn into the very best one for users within a little time.

Echat Features

Echat comes with some of the best core chat features available!

Chat Rooms

Echat has multiple chat rooms available. Its servers operate properly and there is no noticeable lag in the connection.

Text Chat

Echat has an easy to use text chat system that can be used in public chat rooms or private messaging.


In order to keep Echat users safe, they moderate for any inappropriate, racist or offensive gestures and/or texts.


One of the great advantages of Echat, is that you don’t need to register and can use it free of charge, anonymously.

Echat Reviews

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Echat FAQ

We come across frequently asked questions all the time. So to save yourself the effort, we’ve listed them below and made it easy for your to read more about our top chat sites.

Click on the Echat homepage to start chatting. You can also become a VIP member.

Echat chat will display a list of all users online. Click on the name of the person you wish to chat with, and the chat box will open. You can then type a message into it and click the “send button” to send it.

Before you do anything in Echat, it is important that you read the safety tips page. Echat Development Team and Administration are able to block IPs and countries with bad reputations.

There are many people who want to make new friends, meet new people, or find a special person.