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A high-quality video and live stream platform, Coco Chat is for everybody who would like to get more friends and followers for their live stream. It can also offer an opportunity to meet new people from across the world. This is one of the best ways to have a small live group chat with people in the friends’ circle. Users can create a creative and interesting short video and share the same with people in their social circle. This application can be downloaded to tablets and mobile phones and it is completely safe to do so.


It is possible to have a free video-based chat with people from across the world globe. Messages can be sent and received from followers and friends.

Live streaming can be initiated with friends or in person. It is possible to find people who match your interest and hobbies. You can find many people who match your interests and share videos with them at any time that you want.

You can create as well as share small-sized videos with your friends and audience. Distance is no barrier here, and it is possible to make a connection within a few seconds. This is a great resource that you should try out and have a very enjoyable experience.

There are unlimited coins and unlimited money here and a completely ad-free experience.


It is possible to download any version of its mobile application from any third-party website directly.

It is possible to get the app archives of the most recent versions and these can be downloaded as per requirements.

There is no need for you to wait for any review process when you download the application from its website directly. Downloading is immediate, unlike the case is with Play Store. After you download you can enjoy the application wherever and whenever you like.

When it comes to live-streaming and video platforms, few apps out there are as smooth as this one. It is a joy to use.


That is nothing really bad to speak about and most of the things have been done right in this application.


This is one of the best new live streaming and video applications that you can use to have a short group chat with your friends live. This is a unique application that can let you create and share short videos with people across the globe.