Chatzy Video Chat

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A free private-chat service, Chatzy is a place for private chat. In this online platform, you can get the chance for roleplaying. Users can create private chat rooms for the purpose of having group discussions.


This hub for private chat lets you have private chat in an easy way, without the need for any signup.

There is a startup form that you have to fill up and it is very easy to do that. You only have to enter your name, message, the title of the chat, and the email of the participant. You can enter multiple emails of many participants.

When you send an email with your message, participants can get that immediately as well as a direct link to the chat room. There are various kinds of room administrator options which include turning off / allowing videos, images, and emoticons.

The Print / Save option can let administrators record each conversation.

You can also find a setting to use this private chat service on your mobile phone, although in that case, you have to be content with chatting on a smaller-sized screen.


You can manage to have private and seamless chats. Within only a few seconds, you can log on and start to have chats in a live chat room with anyone you like.

This is a wonderful application when it comes to brainstorming sessions in class. Due to the save / print feature, you can get the ability to print a transcript to use at a later time.

Privacy is not a problem here, given that an individual URL is assigned to every new chat room – which can be accessed only upon invitation. In case invitees do not get their invite even after a few attempts, you can send the chat room URL to them manually.


This website is very basic and its design is very simple, without any videos or colorful graphics, or dynamic colors anywhere. Although it has an archaic look, its retro emoticons and simplicity make it cool in a retro manner. You can feel as if you have gone back to the late-90s or early-2000s when chat rooms first started to come in.

Although there are some flaws with the design aspect, this private chat service does very well what it is intended to do.


Keep in mind that all kinds of chat applications are blocked in some of the school networks out there and it is important to check beforehand whether you can access this particular service in case you plan to use it while at school.