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Are you looking for a new way to meet new friends online? You can try out This is a website that lets you randomly pick someone and have a conversation. Is the service worth your time and attention? Some excellent privacy and protection measures and good features work in its favor. Read this review and find it out!


  • You can start the conversation and pick someone randomly with this random video chat app. Find friends and soul mates without even leaving the home. 
  • You can meet new friends and chat anonymously. If you feel okay, you can reveal your identity. When you talk to random strangers, this is the most secure random video chat talking with strangers. 
  • It is very easy to use the service. You can begin a random video chat as you click on the Start button. It can be very pleasurable to chat with strangers and friends on this platform. 


  • This is an anonymous random chat app. It works at random, and lets you meet new people at random. You can establish life-long friendships and relationships. 
  • You can make a single tap and begin a one-on-one chat session. Based on your interests and preferences, there are hundreds and thousands of people that you can choose from and interact with. 
  • Like a dating app, it is possible to use the site to talk to other people or use it. You can get a safe, fun, and healthy online community to find friends from here. 
  • While using this application you can expect quite a safer experience as there are excellent security features. 
  • This is a good app that can be ideal if you have been looking for an anonymous random chat app. 


  • If you are looking for a very feature-rich experience, you should look for some other service. More number of features would have been appreciated. 
  • A few of the profiles here can be fake ones, but then, which of the apps out there is free of this issue? 


This is an app with a live video chat option that lets you have an excellent experience as you start chatting with strangers. You need some more control when you share personal information with strangers, and this is where this app scores. You can have an exciting and meaningful online social experience with the help of this site.