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A free chat app, Chatogo helps in finding new friends and people from across the world. It is a simple app that is not too ad-obtrusive, unlike the case with plenty of other chat rooms out there. This is suitable to meet strangers and friends of all ages. 


With the Chatogo app, you can find a General chat room – which can be used by people of any age group. It is possible to have a conversation with like-minded individuals about any topic that you wish, although the subject must be respectful. 

There is a Teen chat room, which is meant to be used by teenagers. The Singles chat room is ideal for singles. The Dating chat room can be the best place for all those who wish to meet new people, for respectful dating purposes. 

If you want to have better chat conditions, these kinds of features can be very useful. 

There are many other chat rooms that you can find, such as an Anime chat room, Music chat room, Roleplay chat room, Girls chat room, Multilingual chat room, Adults chat 18+ room, Dating chat room, Kids chat room, and General chat room. 


With the Chatogo app, you can enter without registration as a guest. It is possible to create an account simply, and can permanently contact your friends. There is no need for you to verify your account by using your e-mail or phone number. 

You can engage in public and private chat, and add an unlimited number of buddies. If you do not wish to talk to any person, ignore him. You can talk to anyone you choose. 

It is possible to share your videos with and send pictures to everyone. In order to have better chat conditions, especially during the night, you can choose a dark theme or some other theme that can give more rest to your eyes. 


There is a news and quiz section on the site, which is actually of no use. 

Also, there are plenty of chat rooms that are designed to attract many users. That can be somewhat overwhelming for new users. 


This is a free chat platform that can be used without any registration. When you use the Chatogo app, you can engage in a public and private chat and add an unlimited number of friends. If you wish to spend a nice time, this can be a platform to give a try.