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Created in 2010, Bazoocam quickly became a safe bet for webcam dating sites. To promote contact between internet users, Bazoocam differs from other similar sites by its ability to bring internet users from the same geographical area into contact and by its wide range of online games that immediately give the conversation a playful and relaxed tone.

Thanks to these games, you will not be afraid of having to throw the same banalities at each person you meet, you will quickly have another subject to discuss and connections will therefore be made much faster than on other dating and chatting sites.

Another big strong point of Bazoocam, it has a moderation team that ensures that no exhibitionists are hanging around on the network. Other sites, exhibitionists waiting naked in front of their webcams have almost disappeared from Bazoocam and have given way to people wishing to have real encounters by webcam, so you won’t have to press next 30 times before coming across a balanced person, a very valuable time saver.

Bazoocam: A real dating site

If the reputation of Bazoocam has gone beyond that of simple other sites, it is because it is very common for meetings started on a webcam to end with one or other of the web cameras.

The place of residence of your interlocutors being displayed, you can easily propose to someone with whom the current passes well to find it either between your 2 residences or directly at one of you 2. The fact of speaking directly on a webcam favors conviviality, you will see that it is very simple to use Bazoocam as a webcam dating site.

One of the strong points of Bazoocam – It is free!

One of the big advantages of Bazoocam is to be free and ultra-fast to launch. By going to you will only have to authorize the use of your webcam to launch the chat and start meeting people.

Compared to other dating sites on which the registration process can be a bit long, Bazoocam is a real treat. Even if you only have 10 minutes to devote to Bazoocam you can try your luck, it’s ultra-fast.

If you are not a fan of video chat, but after using Bazoocam, you will never miss visiting this site at least once daily.

All in all, if you like webcam dating and are tired of big scam sites you must try Bazoocam. Between geolocation, moderation, and speed of operation Bazoocam has everything to please.