Azar Video Chat

top chat sites is a top dating website that welcomes all those with gay and lesbian as well as straight sexual orientation. It is a stand-alone dating site and was established in the year 2014. This is a mobile-based app and comes with the Live Chat option. 


There are various features on this app, such as the option to create a profile video. This can allow you to stand out easily and make yourself outstanding from other members. The website focuses only on identifying your personal matches and lets you get in touch with all those members who are recommended to you. 

There is the chance for you to block selected members so that they cannot contact you. It can be especially assistive in case you are being bothered by a lot of responses from members that you have the least interest in. You can also get the option to enter and/or invite private chats with various other members that you want to interact with. There is the option for webcam chat as well. When you use a webcam chat room, you can manage to have a safe and nice preview for a first date.

Here, you can also find the feature to create an avatar of your own. 


  • This is a Mobile App, and you can access it with the help of your smartphone. 
  • It comes with a Live-Chat option. 
  • This is a community for people who are like-minded. 
  • You can get the chance to report spam profiles. 
  • All the profiles are private here, and you can keep yours private too.
  • You can take out time to choose all those users who manage to capture your attention. When you are ready to connect, you can send messages or likes to them. 


  • It is a new website, which means not enough information is still available about it. 
  • There is an absence of anonymous payment methods. 
  • There is no proof of the verification of identity. 


With this website, it can be possible for you to have an improved, new streaming experience. It can be useful for you to find your own community. You can enter as a guest and join into the fun, watch your favorites or share something that you want to talk about. The choice is yours. There are plenty of options at this website and it can be very easy for you to have an enjoyable experience.